Interventional Pain


Physical and Aquatic Therapy

  • Physical and Aquatic Therapy


  • Therapeutic Exercise – Includes cardiovascular training, strength training, core strengthening, and muscle specific stretching personalized to fit each patient’s condition, level of fitness, and exercise tolerance.
  • Aquatic Therapy – Utilize the therapeutic effects of water to create a pain-free exercise environment.  The therapeutic properties of water help reduce the painful effects of weight-bearing for various conditions such as osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, plantar fasciitis, and post-surgical rehabilitation.  Reduce the wear and tear on your joints while performing many exercises that would be impossible for you to perform on land!
  • Manual Therapy:
    • Soft tissue mobilization – a hands on technique used to break up adhesions found at painful spots in your muscles that helps relax muscle tension and restore normal motion
    • Manual stretching – Utilize the assistance of the therapist to focus on tight muscle groups and stretch specific muscles that are difficult to stretch on your own
    • Manipulation – skilled manual therapy technique applied to a joint that involves a high-velocity, low amplitude thrust that typically produces a painless popping noise and improves the range of motion of the joint 
    • Joint Mobilization – a manual therapy technique that is used to modulate pain and treat joint dysfunctions that limit range of motion by specifically addressing the altered mechanics of the joint
  • Modalities:
    • Electrical stimulation – the therapeutic use of electricity to strengthen muscles or alleviate pain
    • Moist heat/Ice – heat can be used to relax tight muscles and reduce pain in sore areas and ice is utilized to reduce inflammation caused by acute injury or exacerbated during the rehabilitation process
    • Ultrasound and Phonophoresis – ultrasound is the use of sound waves to produce thermal and nonthermal effects in the body;  its ability to increase tissue temperature is its thermal effect, and its ablity to alter cell membrane permeability and enhance healing is its nonthermal effect;  the use of ultrasound with a topical drug in order to facilitate transdermal drug delivery is called phonophoresis
    • Iontophoresis – the use of a low voltage direct current for transdermal drug delivery;  often used with conditions such as “tennis elbow” to deliver anti-inflammatory medications to a specific location
    • Traction – the application of a mechanical force to the body in a way that separates, or attempts to separate, the joint surfaces and elongate the surrounding soft tissues;  traction can be applied manually by the therapist or mechanically by a machine (used for cervical or low back pain)



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